How do I know which shade to chose?
If you are struggling to find your perfect shade please feel free to send us a few shots of your hair in different lights and we will be happy to advise you which shade we think is best suited for you. Please email photos to mycrowninggloryextensions@gmail.com, alternatively contact us on Facebook or Instagram.


Can I dye my hair extensions? 
Crowning Glory hair extensions can be dyed yes, unfortunately they can not be bleached or lightened. We strongly advise doing a strand test to ensure you have the exact colour match before fully dying your extensions.


I have fine hair, will your hair extensions work for me? 
Our quad weft hair extensions are great for adding natural and glamorous thickness and volume to thin or fine hair. As our quad weft sets are made up of only 7 pieces this helps to add lots of volume without wearing lots of clips that are sometimes visible with fine hair. Try wearing your extensions slightly lower down your head and give the top of your hair a little backcomb to add more volume.


Can I straighten and curl my hair extensions?
Yes our hair extensions can be curled and straightened however be sure to use a good quality heat protection spray before using any heat tools.


Can I wash my clip in hair extensions?
You can wash your hair extensions however you won’t need to wash them as often as your own hair. We recommend washing them only if it’s necessary and there’s a considerable build up of product on them. Hair extensions don’t have the natural supply of oils which our own hair has, and washing them too often will dry them prematurely. We supply a top tips and care instruction card with every order so just follow our  instructions for the best aftercare advice.


Will wearing clip in hair extensions damage my hair?
No, many people turn to clip in hair extensions as glue in extensions have caused damage to their hair. Clip in hair extensions are no more damaging than tying your hair back in a ponytail.  We do recommend you take them out before you go to bed, this will prolong the life of your extensions and prevent any damage to your own hair.